Sevastopol Journal: Crimean Winemakers Look to Shed the Rot Gut Label

Pioneer boutique winemakers around Sevastopol are seeking to convince Russian consumers that quality wine does not have to come from France. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Afghan Army Unit Nearly Wiped Out as New Taliban Tactic Takes Toll

Forty-three soldiers were killed after militants drove stolen Humvees packed with explosives into an army base, mirroring a tactic used in two recent attacks. (…) Read more > Continue Reading […]

China Has A Glass Ceiling Too — And Here’s Why It Won’t Be Shattered Anytime Soon

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images BEIJING — China is embarking on its twice-a-decade senior leadership shuffle this week, but once again, not a single woman is expected to ascend to […]

Japanese Carmakers Call Kobe Steel’s Products Safe Despite Scandal

A round of positive findings from Toyota, Honda and Mazda could help lift a cloud over the Japanese supplier, which has said its inspectors falsified data. (…) Read more > […]

Food Inequality in Venezuela: Children in Crisis

Food shortages and the lack of affordable goods has led to growing malnutrition rates in Venezuela. A nonprofit initiative provides community lunches for children in low-income neighborhoods in an attempt […]

Picasso Murals Caught Up in Terrorist Attack’s Bitter Legacy

An Oslo building seen as a symbol of social democracy, and damaged in a deadly 2011 car bombing, is to be torn down, with its artworks relocated. (…) Read more […]

Blood and Beauty on a Texas Exotic-Game Ranch

In the hill country outside San Antonio, a safari-style world of rare and endangered species symbolizes the popularity and controversy of exotic game hunting. (…) Read more > Continue Reading […]

Nawaz Sharif, Ousted Pakistani Leader, Is Indicted in Corruption Case

The charges against the former prime minister stem from his family’s ownership of expensive residential property in London. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Unbuttoned: How to Dress to Win an Election: The Sebastian Kurz Primer

After Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, a new political style strategist emerges in Mr. Kurz, a 31-year-old soon to be Austria’s chancellor. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News […]

Letter 30: Live Journalism, with Song, History and Taylor Mac in Melbourne

This week’s newsletter digs into discussion and events with The New York Times in Australia. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

China’s Economy Grew Steadily, Thanks to Loans and Homes

China’s economy expanded by 6.8 percent in the third quarter, but an upswing in credit suggests Beijing is still grappling with an addition to debt. (…) Read more > Continue […]

Former Trump Hotel Partner Charged in Brazil Olympic Bribery Case

Prosecutors in Brazil say a wealthy businessman paid bribes to get the 2016 Games to Rio and was later rewarded through his stake in a would-be Trump hotel. (…) Read […]

Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the U.S. and Iran on the Same Side

Kurdish and Iraqi forces, both armed by the Americans, fought each other in Kirkuk. Analysts think Iran played a key role in the dispute’s resolution. (…) Read more > Continue […]

Kenyan Election Official Fears New Vote Won’t Be Credible

The chairman of the electoral commission accused the top political parties of interfering with the election, scheduled for next week. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Russian Socialite Enters Race to Challenge President Putin

Ksenia Sobchak, a TV journalist who has long paraded her glamorous life on social media, says she will be the voice of Russians without one. (…) Read more > Continue […]