UK plan to tackle plastic waste threat

A four-point plan for tackling plastic waste has been outlined by the Environment Secretary Michael Gove. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Egypt reopens ancient library in Sinai after renovations

Egypt reopened on Saturday an ancient library which holds thousands of centuries-old religious and historical manuscripts at the famed St. Catherine Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in South Sinai. […]

In Opioid Battle, Cherokee Want Their Day in Tribal Court

Decimated by addiction, its heritage at risk, the Cherokee Nation is trying to sue pharmacies and distributors. But it may be blocked from doing so. (…) Read more > Continue […]

Tax Bill Largely Preserves Incentives for Wind and Solar Power

The final text of the legislation reverses language in earlier versions that could have slowed the growth of renewable energy. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Rocket rumbles give volcanic insights

Scientists install sensors at the Kennedy Space Center that would normally be used to monitor volcanoes. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

60 million-year-old meteorite impact found on Skye

Geologists made the discovery while exploring volcanic rocks near Broadford. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Heinz Wolff, Great Egg Race presenter and scientist, dies

The renowned scientist behind BBC Two’s The Great Egg Race died on Friday, his family says. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

California fires: Sentinel satellite tracks wildfire smoke plume

Europe’s new Sentinel-5P satellite captures a dramatic image of the smoke billowing away from wildfires. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Massive, 3-mile-wide 'potentially hazardous asteroid' will zoom past Earth tomorrow

An enormous, 3-mile-wide “potentially hazardous asteroid” is hurtling towards Earth and is slated to zoom past the planet tomorrow, but scientists say there is no need to worry. (…) Read […]

Trilobites: An Ancient Step Toward Modern Birds

Anchiornis was a feathered dinosaur, about the size of a pigeon and incapable of flight. Its wings say a lot about how birds came to be. (…) Read more > […]

Mars exploration: NASA programs set to 'take' first humans to the red planet

The first manned ‘mission’ to Mars is leaving sooner than you thought. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Interstellar visitor stays silent: No signs of life yet on 'Oumuamua

The first interstellar asteroid ever discovered in our solar system remains silent, at least for now. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Q&A: The Sands of Time

The depth of sand on a beach can vary considerably from location to location. Human intervention often doesn’t last for long. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

Dwarf planet Ceres' bright spots suggest an ancient ocean

NEW ORLEANS — The dwarf planet Ceres’ famous bright spots suggest that the gray, crater-laden world is surprisingly active, a new study reports. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this […]

Neonicotinoids at 'chronic levels' in UK rivers, study finds

Neonicotinoids have increasingly been linked to problems in bee populations. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >