A Total Solar Eclipse Leaves a Nation in Awe

A total eclipse that crossed the sky from Oregon to South Carolina brought out throngs of spectators, who exulted in seeing the midday sky go briefly dark. (…) Read more […]

A Man Has Been Charged For Trying To Blow Up To A Confederate Statue

City of Houston / Via houstontx.gov A man was charged on Monday with attempting to blow up a Confederate statue in Texas. The man, Andrew Schneck, was spotted by a […]

WATCH: Eclipse leaves the continental US

ABC News’ David Muir reports from Charleston, South Carolina, as the eclipse leave the U.S. and moves out to sea. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

EDINBURGH JOURNAL: Edinburgh’s Fringe, Now 70, Is Having Growing Pains

Edinburgh’s Fringe festival has become the world’s biggest arts extravaganza. Some say it is too big, too costly and maybe even too funny. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this […]

Stitching Together Forests Can Help Save Species, Study Finds

As the world’s forests are carved up by roads and farms, the animals in them are vanishing. A simple fix may help. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News […]

Martin Shkreli Was ‘His Own Worst Enemy,’ Juror Says

The jury thought Mr. Shkreli committed fraud, a juror said, but did not find “that he had the intent and purpose” to cause anyone to lose money. (…) Read more […]

Ambushed Ohio judge shoots gunman dead outside court

Judge Joseph Bruzzese was shot several times, but returned fire in a gunfight outside his chambers. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

This anti-Trump lipstick is supporting victims of Charlottesville

Look good AND feel good supporting a cause (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

iOS 11 brings so many new features to the iPad that Apple had to make new videos

Apple would like you to know that iOS 11 will totally transform the iPad into the PC killer it keeps promising over the years, and the company has a new […]

Asia and Australia Edition: Barcelona, North Korea, Singapore: Your Tuesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

White House Going Ahead With HBCU Conference After Charlottesville

Pool / Getty Images A White House official said that a Trump administration-backed conference for historically black colleges and universities will go on as planned next month. In recent days, […]

Ohio Judge Returns Fire After He Is Ambushed on Way to Court

The judge was injured and airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital where he had surgery and was expected to survive. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this News >

17 Alexa Skills That Don't Need To Exist

How many fart noise generators does one smart home device have to have? Because I'm an American patriot, I celebrated Amazon Prime Day and bought a discounted ($35 instead of […]

These Teenagers Showed Up To Howard University Wearing MAGA Hats And Quickly Got Criticized

Twitter Two teenagers stirred up controversy at Howard University — a historically black college, or HBCU — on Saturday when they arrived at the campus wearing Make America Great Again […]

Kremlin Names Veteran Diplomat as Ambassador to the U.S.

The new envoy, Anatoly I. Antonov, who is under European Union sanctions, replaces one dogged by controversy over his meetings with Trump advisers. (…) Read more > Continue Reading this […]